Why Your Security Fence Should Be Fabricated from Steel

If you are thinking of installing fencing, whether to re-define your boundary lines or to erect a fresh boundary on a new lot, there are numerous decisions to make. Your choice of material, without a doubt, will be the most vital, as this will dictate the style and the function of the fence. While timber remains a popular choice, steel fabrication is steadily becoming a favourite, especially among homeowners who are looking to erect security fencing. Read More 

Engineered Materials You Could Consider Using for Your Custom Gate

Numerous types of gate materials are derived from natural resources. However, one of the major drawbacks of natural materials is that they would require intensive maintenance to ensure that they do not develop damage from moisture due to their porous nature. Moreover, natural materials are also susceptible to pest infestations that could severely compromise their integrity. Thus, more and more people are looking toward engineered materials for longevity. Below are two of the different types of engineered materials you could use for your custom gates. Read More 

4 Worthwhile Reasons to Consider Custom Fence Installation on Your Residential Property

What makes a fence that's custom-made a worthwhile option for your home? This is something you might want to know before dishing out money on a new custom fence. Any good fence should be able to serve basic functions, such as providing security, improving kerb appeal and increasing the value of your property. But standard fencing options may sometimes fail to match your exact needs and requirements. That's where custom designed fences come in. Read More 

Important Features to look for in a sturdy chain wire fencing

Whether you're looking to fence your front yard, swimming pool or business premises, mesh fences come in handy to provide security and privacy. What makes mesh fences unique is that you can vary the material and size of the meshwork to meet your specific needs. Small mesh sizes act as both fences and security screens. They can keep insects out, provide privacy and even filter large debris. Larger mesh materials allow light to pass through while creating a warmer, welcoming environment. Read More 

Installing a Pool Safety Fence That Will Blend Into Your Yard

Opting to install pool fencing is not exclusively for aesthetic reasons. It is actually prudent to ensure safety around your swimming pool, especially if you have children or pets who can accidentally wander into the pool area. Some homeowners may be sceptical about installing pool fencing as they assume it will detract from the kerb appeal of their yard. There is an assortment of materials and styles that you could consider to ensure that it complements the theme and style of your residence. Read More