5 Reasons to Install Aluminium Fencing on Your Residential Property

A fence around your property is more than just a boundary. You want your fence to be sturdy as well as attractive. That's why many homeowners consider wrought iron or wood before other materials. But aluminium has some unique advantages that make it the ideal material for residential fencing. 

Here are five reasons why aluminium fencing might be the right choice for your residential property.

1. Easy to customize

Many homeowners balk at the thought of aluminium fencing because they are unaware of the many styles and colours available to them. You can choose a colour and style that fits your property. For instance, you can go with aluminium boards or you can go with aluminium railings topped with spiked for added security.

And even if your property is sloped or irregular in shape, your aluminium fence provider can customize your fence to fit the terrain, without compromising on your fence's appearance.

2. Little need for maintenance

Aluminium doesn't rust like say, wrought iron or steel does. This means that if you live in an environment that experiences a lot of rainfall throughout the year, then aluminium is a better choice than steel, iron or wood. However, if you live near the coast, then aluminium might not be a good choice since saltwater can cause aluminium to corrode. 

3. Long-lasting durability 

Because aluminium doesn't rust, it will last a long time in the right conditions. This is important because when a fence begins to lose its durability, it will no longer provide security for your home. Wooden fences eventually begin to rot, and steel fences eventually begin to rust, which leaves them vulnerable to intruders.

Aluminium is also a metal, which makes it difficult for intruders to break through.

4. Cheaper than steel and iron fencing

Aluminium fencing is cheaper than other metal options like steel or iron while offering some of the same benefits. For instance, you can customize your aluminium fence to appear like a steel or iron fence at a cheaper price. And while wooden fencing might be comparable in price, it does require more upkeep to stay in good condition long term.

5. Recyclable after use

One way that you can care for the environment is to choose a recyclable material for your fencing, like aluminium. You can find a supplier that offers aluminium fencing made from recycled aluminium. And you also have the option to recycle your aluminium fence once it has served its purpose after many years of use.