Ways Chain Meshing Fencing Helps to Contain Your Pet Dog

If you're searching for home fencing to enclose your pet dog, you need to be mindful of the barrier's material and structure — especially if you intend to let them run around in the front and the back yard. One excellent option worth considering is chain mesh fencing — the ways it helps follow.

No Large Gaps

Some fence styles include gaps within their structure that can encourage a dog to either break out or else attempt to do so and get stuck in the process. For example, picket and tubular-metal fences depending on their style can offer sizeable gaps. Chain link beneficially, though, only has diamond-shape spaces that are too tiny for a dog. As well, the webbing attaches to the posts without leaving any breaks and extends to the ground. Thus, you can feel safe to let your dog roam freely on the property, assuming you've fitted a secure gate.

Doesn't Invite Chewing

Some dogs love to chew things, particularly if they're soft or plastic. The benefit of chain mesh made of steel wire is that the metal structure offers unappealing chewing-material for many dogs. On the other hand, some pets love to gnaw at timber and vinyl fences.

Can Be Various Heights

If your dog can't wriggle through the fence or else gnaw it away to pass the time, they may attempt to jump over it. Counteracting this, chain link fences can easily be set up in varying heights as the mesh rolls come in different dimensions. If you have a small dog not into jumping, a waist-high barrier may suffice. Otherwise, for a big dog that loves to leap, you can build the structure any height up to several metres tall.

Some pets may test the fence at the other end and attempt to burrow their way underneath. Chain fences can easily thwart these efforts also, as you can dig the bottom of the mesh into the earth. Another way to make the structure less enticing is to spread an unappealing material — such as pebble mulch — around the base.

Offers Clear Visibility

Because chain link fencing offers a clear view, your dog can see what's happening and possibly not get so bored during the daytime. With such good visibility, chain mesh helps if you want to build a dog run or even a chicken coop within a section of your backyard, as the fencing won't visually block areas with opaque screens, thus making the garden feel smaller overall.

For more information about chain mesh fencing, contact a local fence contractor.