Important Features to look for in a sturdy chain wire fencing

Whether you're looking to fence your front yard, swimming pool or business premises, mesh fences come in handy to provide security and privacy. What makes mesh fences unique is that you can vary the material and size of the meshwork to meet your specific needs.

Small mesh sizes act as both fences and security screens. They can keep insects out, provide privacy and even filter large debris. Larger mesh materials allow light to pass through while creating a warmer, welcoming environment.

Regardless of the mesh sizes you choose, there are important features you should look for in the actual mesh fencing. These features cover durability, aesthetics and security requirements.

1. Resistance to cuts and scratches

First and foremost, your mesh fencing should be durable enough to withstand cuts and scratches. The mesh material should be preferably made of stainless steel or sturdy wooden pieces. In this way, intruders will have a harder time penetrating the fence and getting inside your property.

Durable chain wire fencing will also reduce the likelihood of cuts that may injure children playing near the actual fence.

2. Resistance to corrosion and inclement weather

Your outdoor fence will undergo frequent beating from the sun, wind and rain. If the meshwork is weak, it may become corroded or damaged by inclement weather.

Opt for a mesh material that can resist unfavourable weather conditions. Aluminium meshes are a useful option, but coated stainless steel is also reasonably weather-resistant.

3. Privacy

Another feature to carefully consider is the width of the meshwork. Very small meshes may obstruct your view of the outside and create improper ventilation. This is especially true for tall fences that surround your outdoor space.

You can still maintain your privacy by using chain wire fencing with slightly larger holes. The holes should allow enough light and air to pass through while blocking out debris and insects. If you wish to have mesh fencing with larger holes, carefully consider the design. Cross-shaped meshwork provides more privacy than purely vertical or horizontal meshes.

4. Ease of maintenance

You should also consider how easily the meshwork can be repaired or cleaned when necessary. Opt for mesh fencing that's easily wiped down or sprayed to remove dirt/debris. Some meshwork may be so small that it traps a large amount of debris within a short period of time. On the other hand, very large meshwork may prove a pain to clean or repair (if damaged). Achieving the right balance is key.