How to Make Sure Your Pool Fence is Compliant and Unobtrusive

Let's face it: if you live in Australia and are building your own home from scratch, you simply have to include a swimming pool. The climate here is so hot that for most people, a pool is a normal part of life. Even if you don't use it every day, it's something nice to look at from your living room sofa. If you've decided to include a pool in your yard, you also need to configure the area immediately around the pool and consider which type of fencing you'll use. Why is this critical and what are your options?


If you're thinking about starting a family or have young ones of your own, you must be very careful to ensure their safety when they are outside. In fact, regulators legislate that any type of water feature needs to be protected with a fence, so compliance with this law is mandatory.

Considering Your Options

You won't want a fence to detract from the appearance of your pool; you'll want it to be as aesthetically pleasing as possible. The best way to move forward, therefore, is to create a glass fence that will be minimally obtrusive and can be either frameless, framed or semi-framed.

Where to Start

If you choose the framed option, it will come with stainless steel posts that fit on either side of each pane of glass. Typically, there is a stainless steel bar on the top to provide a complete frame structure. It is sturdy and looks the part, although it is still somewhat noticeable.

Going Frameless

While there are options in between, your ultimate look should be frameless. This gives you the illusion that there is no barrier in this area at all and will provide you with an unrestricted vista from that sofa. To achieve this, heavyweight spigots made of stainless steel are set into the concrete and special panes of glass are mounted on top. There will be a tiny gap on each side of the pane, but not enough for any child to infiltrate.

Difficult to See?

Just remember that this type of fence can be a little difficult to see in poor visibility conditions such as the dusk hour. You may want to place some decals in strategic positions just to remind people where they are.

Getting it Right

Also ensure that you get your fence installed by a qualified and licensed contractor. In fact, you should bring them into the discussion at the earliest stage so that your final version is both legal and a joy to behold.

For more information about glass pool fencing options, speak to a pool fencing specialist near you.