3 Benefits of Using Welded Mesh Fencing Around Your Warehouse

Choosing the right fencing to put around your warehouse can be complicated. Even if you just want a fence that gives your site enough security, there are a lot of options out there to choose from. It's important to make the right decision, especially if your warehouse holds a lot of valuable stock.

If you haven't come across welded mesh fencing yet, then this material is worth a look. This kind of fencing has a range of benefits that could solve your security worries and throw in some useful extras.

What are the advantages of installing a welded mesh fence around your site?

1. Enhanced Security

Welded mesh is made from lots of strands of strong wire which are welded together to produce panels or rolls of fencing. This welding process produces a very strong fence that is hard for intruders to breach.

For example, the mesh's strength makes it very difficult to break, knock down or cut. The mesh design also deters people from climbing over the fence. This isn't an easy material to scale. So, a welded mesh fence reduces the chances that intruders use your fence to get on your premises.

2. Better Vandal Resistance

Security isn't the only consideration you make when you choose fencing. As a business, you need your fences to look professional. If they are the first thing people see on your site, they give them their first impressions of your company.

Regular fence panels are magnets for vandals and graffiti artists. For example, if you have flat panels, you're giving graffiti artists a blank canvas to paint on. This doesn't make your site look great.

This isn't a problem with a mesh fence. Mesh isn't that interesting to vandals, as it's almost impossible to paint on.

3. Lower Maintenance Needs

Welded mesh fencing also has maintenance benefits. Basically, you don't need to do anything to keep this kind of fencing in good condition. Its strength reduces the need for repairs; it's also less likely to suffer from weather damage, even in high winds or storms.

Wire fencing also doesn't suffer from pest damage. Pests aren't interested in metal fences, as they don't have any nutritional value, and their materials aren't suitable to build nests in. So, a welded mesh security fence looks good for longer with virtually no effort on your part.

Welded mesh fencing comes in various strengths and designs. To find the right option for your warehouse, talk to local fencing contractors.