Does Colorbond Fencing Keep Pests Out Better than Wood?

When you're looking at new fencing materials, you'll come across Colorbond fences. You may like the way these fences look, and you'll be impressed by their security features. However, a Colorbond fence may have an advantage you haven't thought about yet over a traditional wooden fence.

Colorbond fencing doesn't just keep human intruders out of your property; it's also a pretty good pest deterrent.

How does this work, and which pests will a Colorbond fence keep out?

Colorbond Materials

Colorbond fences are made from treated steel. You can use the material to create all your fencing; this gives you an effective barrier against common fencing pests. Unlike other materials, like wood, Colorbond steel simply isn't a food source for pests. They also can't burrow into steel to live in it or damage it. They just aren't interested in this type of fence because it's of no use to them whatsoever.

Colorbond and Pests

Colorbond keeps away a variety of pests, including termites. Termites can wreck a wooden fence and then move around your yard towards your home quite easily. They won't even bother trying to in a Colorbond fence because it has no wood in it and is made from steel.

As well as keeping your fence in good shape, this may also help you keep termites off your property. Sometimes, they start with fencing and then move closer to your home. A Colorbond fence doesn't guarantee that termites won't find another way to come into your yard, but they won't be able to use this fence as a stepping stone.

Colorbond fences don't just deter termites, they're also no use to other pests. For example, unlike wood fencing, Colorbond never rots or breaks down. This makes it unattractive to pests like ants, who often like to nest in rotting wooden fences.

Some species of beetle are also attracted to wood as it breaks down. While these pests may not cause the kind of damage on your property that termites can, they can damage the fence itself by eating their way through it.

If you get pests in a wood fence, then it may need replacing sooner than you're happy with. Colorbond's repellent materials mean that this kind of fence looks good for longer and has a longer useful life.

Colorbond fences have a lot of other advantages that may sway your fencing decision. To find out more, talk to your local fencing contractor.