Common Issues That Will Lead to Automatic Gate Repairs

As with all other mechanical structures, automatic gates are vulnerable to some operational problems. And failure to seek the services of an automated gate specialist to remedy the issues immediately will lead to permanent damage and subsequent expensive gate replacement. Below is a list of the common problems that will require immediate automatic gate repairs.

Dragging of your swing gates 

Swing gates are supported by robust posts that are capable of enduring the weight of the gates. Nonetheless, if the posts are not installed deep into the ground, they begin to shift. The more movement of the posts, the higher the chance that swing gates will start to drag on the ground. Dragging does not just cause accelerated damage to the gates. The increased weight of the gates due to decreased support will also lead to the automatic gates' motor overworking itself. When you notice this issue, it is imperative to call on an automatic gate specialist to reinstall the posts, remount the gates and check the state of the motor.

Problems opening and closing your sliding gates

When you find that your sliding gates are either not opening or closing fully, it could mean that the racking of the automatic gates has come loose. If the racking is no longer connected to the motor's output gear, then the sliding gates will neither open nor shut all the way. A simple way of determining this is by trying to open or close the gates while simultaneously having a look at the gap between the output gear and the rack. If the two components are not working in tandem, it is prudent to call on an automatic gate specialist.

Another thing to note regarding opening and shutting your sliding gates is that this issue can crop up if there is root intrusion below the tracks, forcing the track to move out of place. If any large trees are growing close to your sliding gates, this potential cause should be looked into as well. 

The access control system is not working

When your access control system is defunct, chances are your only option will be operating your automatic gates manually. And this can be a considerable inconvenience. Aside from someone tampering with the access control panel, another reason why it can malfunction is if there is moisture accumulating inside it.

When the electrical components are exposed to condensation, they can become irreparably damaged. An automatic gate specialist will establish the cause of the problem, fix your access control system and possibly encase it in weatherproof protection to prevent this problem from recurring.