3 Things to Consider When You Install a Gate Opener for Automatic Gates

If you are having automatic gates installed on your farm or larger residential property, then you will need to choose the type of gate opener you want to use. There are several gate openers on the market to choose from, so you will need to consider three key points to help you narrow down your options. Here are those three key points and what you need to know about each one.

1. Solar Compatible 

One of the key things to ask yourself is if you want a gate opener that is solar compatible. This will allow it to run on solar power rather than having an electrical power source. If you go with an electrical power source, you will need to have an electrician come in and run the wiring to the opener. This can be costly and may not offer a power generator backup option if the power goes out. A solar option will offer the ability to open the automatic gates even with the power is out. You can also have a solar generator that can store the solar energy for days when it is more cloudy than normal in order to keep the power to the opener going.

2. Single or Double Gate

You need to decide if the gate you will have the opener attached to is going to be a single or double automatic gate. There are several reasons you should consider this. For example, single gates that open away from the property will need an optional bracket for installation. Double gates will require two brackets. This is important because the gate openers will be connected to these brackets in order for the automatic gate to open properly and smoothly. This also plays into the power supply that you will need for the opener and how many volts it will need to be.

3. Gate Weight and Length

You will need to know what the gate weight is in order to choose the right automatic gate opener. Gate openers will operate based on the weight of the gate and if it is single or double-panelled. As the gate's weight goes up, the battery and power of the opener may need to go higher in voltage. Keep in mind that the length of the gate may also play into the type of opener you use and the voltage of that as well. So, when you go to pick out your gate opener, make sure you have the maximum weight of the gate and length to properly match to an opener.

If any of these gate openers for your automatic gates sound ideal for your needs, contact your local fence contractor. They can help you with the installation. They can also answer any questions, help with alternative gate openers and upgrades that may work better, or offer higher security depending on your needs and location.