Should You Hire Temporary Fencing for Your Festival?

If you're organising a local festival, then you have to build a suitable site as well as organise the event. One of the easiest ways to turn an open piece of land into an organised festival site is to use fencing. While you don't want to buy fencing just for one event, you can hire it. What are the benefits?


If you put fencing all around your festival site, then you get security benefits. This ensures that the only people who enter the site are those who have purchased a ticket or have an invite to attend.

If you don't have a barrier around the site, then anyone can come in. Word will soon spread that people don't need to bother paying, and they can just walk onto the site. This reduces your profits.

If you're running an invite-only event, then this won't work at all. People don't need an invite to enter an open site. Even if you have security people manning the entrance, people will just find another access point.


Fencing also has safety benefits. The fact that it allows you to control who comes on site means that you can keep an eye on attendee numbers. If you have too many people on site, you may breach health and safety regulations. A big crowd in a small space is a liability waiting to happen.

Plus, you can also use fences inside the festival to close off areas that aren't suitable for the general public. You don't want people to mess around with generators or electrical equipment that are out in the open as these things are magnets for kids especially. In order to keep things safe, you can fence off dangerous areas.

Your acts will also appreciate some privacy. They'll get this if you fence off dressing room and backstage areas. If you don't create privacy here, any fan can get to an act and bother them.

Site Flow

You can also use fences to create paths and walkways through the site. This helps people negotiate the site and keeps them moving. This makes you look better organised and more professional.

If you think that hiring temporary fencing is a good idea for your festival, contact local companies that offer temporary fencing hire. Explain what you need the fencing for and ask for advice on the types of fence you should hire. Most hire companies are used to working with events, so they'll have plenty of tips for you.