Is Chain Mesh Fencing Good for Dogs?

If you're about to install a new fence and keep dogs, then covering your boundary isn't the only thing you have to think about. If your dogs like being out in the garden a lot, then you want a fence that is strong enough to keep them in but that is also a good option for them. Is chain mesh fencing the answer?

Strength and Durability

Chain mesh fencing is strong and durable. The metal mesh is strong enough to keep dogs confined in your garden; it is also better able to withstand typical dog damage than some other fencing materials.

For example, if you install a wood fence, then your dogs may scratch at the wood or even chew bits of it. Your fence will soon start to look shabby and dirty. If your dogs are determined enough, they may even break through parts of the fence or push it out of position.

Surface Flexibility

While chain mesh fencing is very strong, it also has some give in it compared to other fences. If you have a dog that likes running at fences or one that is too dense to stop banging into a fence when it is running around, then chain mesh's flexible surface may do less harm.

Banging into a chain mesh fence may be a little painful for your pet, but this will be less painful than if it ran into other materials. For example, a solid wood or metal sheeted fence is a lot harder and has little or no give. These materials will hurt your dog more and could be the cause of painful injuries.

Sociability Benefits

If your dogs are sociable souls, then they may enjoy hanging around your front yard more if you have a chain mesh fence. They can see through the fence and greet passersby, who may soon start to turn into firm friends.

Plus, if you have a dog that barks wildly whenever someone goes by your house, then giving them a fence they can see through may calm them down. Sometimes, if a barky dog can see who is coming, they don't react so violently.

Remember that the height of your chain mesh fencing is an important consideration when you have dogs. You don't want a low fence that they can easily jump over. If you aren't sure how high to go, ask your fence contractor for advice.