4 Reasons Why You Should Fence Your Construction Site

Construction sites are very sensitive areas. They often contain heavy machinery, potentially dangerous terrain and a team of workers who need to focus on the task at hand. If your site is not properly secured, it can be vandalised or cause harm to members of the public. Therefore, you need sturdy and durable fencing to keep the entire site secure from multiple risks.

The type of fence you choose will also depend on the location of your work site and the specific needs of your project. Here are 4 important reasons why you shouldn't fail to install a temporary fence around your construction site.

1. To reduce the risk of third-party damages

On any construction site, members of the public can accidentally (or intentionally) stumble into restricted areas and become injured in the process. For example, people may fall into open ditches or step on sharp items and obtain serious injuries.

Your company may be liable to compensating such persons if you didn't have a clearly marked fence. And if you don't have an effective liability insurance policy, the costs can potentially cripple your business.

The best approach is to install a stable and secure fence that prevents unsuspecting persons from entering your construction site.

2. To clearly define workplace boundaries

Fences also serve as an excellent form of traffic control. If you have a large construction site with many different workers, a sturdy and secure fence keeps all personnel where they need to be.

You can establish designated entry/exit points along the length of the fence to monitor movement. In this way, you will have more control over your workers and the site itself. If any member of your staff leaves the site, they will have to pass by designated checkpoints along the outer fence.

3. To prevent boundary issues with neighbouring properties

When constructing a new structure in a busy area, boundary issues are likely to come up. Without a clearly marked fence, the neighbouring property owners may claim that you're infringing on their private space as you carry out construction work.

These conflicts can take time to resolve, and they may end up throwing you off schedule. The solution is to install a fence on the boundaries of your property even before construction activities begin.

4. To ensure the security of your equipment

Construction equipment is very expensive. Thieves often target such items because they can sell them for quick cash. To protect your construction equipment, install a sturdy and secure fence. The fence shouldn't be easy to penetrate so that your items remain secure.