Installing a Pool Safety Fence That Will Blend Into Your Yard

Opting to install pool fencing is not exclusively for aesthetic reasons. It is actually prudent to ensure safety around your swimming pool, especially if you have children or pets who can accidentally wander into the pool area. Some homeowners may be sceptical about installing pool fencing as they assume it will detract from the kerb appeal of their yard. There is an assortment of materials and styles that you could consider to ensure that it complements the theme and style of your residence. Below are two pool safety fencing styles that you could consider when installing pool fencing. 

Glass panels

If you would prefer to keep your swimming pool areas visible as possible, then glass pool fencing would be a great choice. Some homeowners may be under the wrong impression that glass fencing would not be safe as it would be susceptible to breakage. This is false as the glass used to construct this type of fencing is tempered, thus ensuring that it is tougher than normal annealed glass. Glass panels are popular with people who would like unobstructed views of their property, while still keeping their pool area secure.

In addition to this, glass panels fencing is suitable for smaller yards as an opaque fence can make the space look much smaller than it really is. Lastly, glass panel fencing is quite durable as it will not be susceptible to structural damage such as rotting or corrosion as other fencing materials would be.

Nevertheless, glass panel fencing does have one major drawback, which would be its high price point. It would, therefore, not be a financially viable fencing option for a majority of homeowners.

Vertical bars

This type of pool fencing is one of the more versatile options that you could consider. Firstly, you can get your vertical bars in a wide assortment of materials. You can, therefore, rest assured that you will be able of finding fencing materials that would fit within your specific budget.

Secondly, vertical bars can also be used for a wide assortment of applications. This can promote a sense of uniformity around your residence as the same type of fencing you use for your pool area could also be used as balustrading, garden gates and more.

Note that if you are opting for metallic materials such as wrought iron, you should ensure that the fencing is sealed routinely to keep it protected from the moisture exposure at the pool area.